P.B.I.S Students of the Month

Olivia Taft, Staff Writer

P.B.I.S is a program that awards students for good behavior and provides an incentive-based program to motivate students to employ characteristics such as perseverance, leadership, work ethic, respect, etc. It stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. AHS has been using the P.B.I.S. program for the past 4 years. As a part of P.B.I.S., each month a student is recognized for showing a superb trait that makes them stand out to teachers and students.

Caden Graves, a freshman at Armuchee High was recently picked for the leadership award for the month of February. He was nominated by his math teacher, Mrs. Magnicheri. He said, “I believe she picked me as someone who shows great leadership because I talk to a lot of people and try to include everyone, and I also try to motivate and encourage my classmates.” Caden believes that P.B.I.S. is beneficial for the school because it inspires students to be better people and work harder in the classroom. Graves said, “The program and the fact I was selected makes me feel good about myself, it is nice to know that teachers look at me in a positive way.” P.B.I.S. is not only beneficial for students but also has been very helpful in terms of creating healthy relationships between teachers and their students. Students feel a sense of accomplishment, overall creating a better environment at AHS.

McKinzy Schneider, a senior at Armuchee High was picked for the Respect award for the month of December. She was nominated by the office work staff. She said, “I’m very flattered to know that I’m appreciated and that my effort is being acknowledged. I am glad to continue working in the office and helping out.” Students and staff at AHS believe that P.B.I.S. is doing greater things for not only the school but the whole Armuchee community!