Jarred Laying Down the Beat

Isaac Tucker, Staff Writer

Jared Weatherford is a junior at Armuchee High School who is known for his ability to beatbox. Weatherford has been working on beatboxing, as a hobby, for four to five years. Weatherford took up beatboxing after seeing someone else beatbox. He said, “I was like ‘That would be super cool to do.’” Beatboxing comes naturally for Weatherford, and it seems those around him agree. Junior Kaili Wheeler said, “Jared’s beatboxing is impressive and powerful.” Not only is Weatherford capable of laying down the beat through beatboxing, but he can freestyle rap to a beat as well.

Weatherford tries to use his beatboxing ability regularly in front of all manner of people as he said, “I try to tell most people I beatbox somehow in some way.” Weatherford has become very well known among his friends for beatboxing on the normal. Kaili Wheeler said, “He even beatboxes in his sleep.” Weatherford has never beatboxed for an official event as of now, but if he’s ever asked to beatbox for one he would be more than willing to. Some people are interested in hearing him perform. Wheeler said, “I would buy out every ticket to show my support.” Weatherford enjoys the ability to make a variety of sounds whether for comedic effect or just because he can. 

Weatherford doesn’t have a regular practice schedule for his beatboxing nor does he have a specific method he said, “You find a new sound whatever it is you look up a tutorial and try to replicate that.” This strategy has seemingly worked well for Weatherford as he has built up a large repertoire of different sounds he is capable of making, such as the throat bass, high hat, and kick drums. Though Weatherford does not have a practice schedule, he spends large amounts of time honing his craft, primarily by beatboxing to himself. The longest Weatherford has continuously beatboxed at any one time is around six hours.

Weatherford has put many hours of practice into beatboxing and has gotten to the point where he enjoys showing off his skill to all the people around him. Beatboxing is something Weatherford plans to enjoy as a hobby rather than a professional career. Weatherford said, “Oh I would love to beatbox professionally if there was a way to make money off of it.” Weatherford still has much love for his hobby, but for now, he just enjoys showing off his ability to whoever is willing to listen.