Armuchee High School Boys Basketball 2021-22!!


Coach Decker

Hagen Terry, Staff Writer

The 2021-2022 Armuchee High school boys basketball season is finally here with tryouts just ending and all the players selected to be on the team. Sophomore Jacob Seagraves said, “I think we are going to do well this year. We have a really talented team.” With tryouts just ending the team will start the season this Saturday, November 13, 2021, against Gordon Central. 

 Freshman Noah Cowart said, “I enjoy playing the games because you just get to have fun with your friends and teammates.” The team bond created by the basketball layers gives them more of a drive to be on the team and push for each other. Home games are a great part of Basketball because of how many friends and family are able to come and watch. Sophomore Jacob Seagraves said, “I love home games because I am around my closest friends and that causes me to push harder and impress them.” A lot of the boys have been playing basketball for a long time. Freshman Noah Cowart said, “I have played basketball since I was 7 years old, and it has had a big impact on my life.” Sophomore Logan Benedict also said that he has been playing for a long time. He said, “I have played for 8 years and can’t express the love I have for the sport.”

Basketball is influenced a lot by professionals, specifically NBA players. Jacob Seagraves said that his favorite NBA player is Carmelo Anthony. “I really look up to Carmelo because I think he is a good role model for the younger generations.” Many people get their inspiration about basketball from people who are like them. Freshman Trenton Cothran said, “My favorite basketball player of all time is Kevin Durant because he reminds me of myself.” Because of being influenced the players work themselves harder to be as great as their inspiration. 

Being with friends, creating bonds, while getting better at basketball makes the players get attached to this sport. Sophomore Logan Benedict said his favorite part of basketball was having fun with his friends. Sophomore Noah Wright said, ” I love being able to play as a team, and knowing that my brothers have my back, is one of the best things. When your team connects and goes on big scoring runs, it’s really thrilling.”