Back On The Ball


Rylan Weaver, Staff Writer

Following a winning season, the Armuchee girls basketball team, the Lady Indians, are back and preparing for another winning season. With their previous season being a tremendous success, it’s no wonder how these girls are so ready for their next season.

The new season’s returning Lady Indians chose to reflect on their accomplished season with many proud voices. Junior Emily McBurnett believes the team’s prior season’s success is due to the team’s outstanding performance. She said, “We hustled, we were the best shaped team, and we communicated a lot.” Another returning player, Sophomore Chloe Shaw, said, “My team won because of dedication and just wanting to win.”  Then, even though she wasn’t at the highschool last season, Freshman Sophie Thacker said, “I think if we continue to work as a team and get better this season, we will do well.”

Of course, there is no champion without their faults and this team is no exception. Shaw said, “I would like to be aggressive and work inside the paint.” Freshman Seyge Powell said that she wants to work on her ball handling. McBurnett said, ” I want to work on being more of a leader this season.” Thacker wants to improve her ball-handling skills, and Sophomore Damaria Greene said she wants to work on her shooting. As a whole, the team was unanimous in saying they all thought they should work on communicating more. Chloe said, “We need to slow down and not rush.”

The girls can also agree on their coach, Michelle Arp, attributing to their success. Greene stated that her coach has helped her improve by challenging her in practice. Shaw said, “Coach Arp helps me by pushing me to do better.” Powell said, “She makes me do tasks that I don’t want to do, but it helps me get better.” and Thacker says that Coach Arp has helped her improve.

From the persistent performance in practice every day to the work the team is putting in outside of what’s necessary, it is without question that they can’t wait for the season to begin. When it comes to how the team prepares for the season there are a few different methods. Seyge Powell, said, “I prepare by drinking a lot of water, working out, and working at home.” Fellow teammate, Sophie Thacker, had a different idea. She said, “I go to practice every day and work with my team to get better.” Greene said, “I trained a lot over the summer, and I trained on Mondays and Sundays with a personal trainer.”

The Lady Indians for the 21-22 season have a positive standpoint on their team as a whole. Thacker said, “We work together really well; we help each other no matter if it’s critical or encouraging.” From all their preparation, dedication, and quality coaching, the girl’s basketball team is more than ready for what’s to come.