The Tribe’s Winter Sports

Sophia Johnston, Contributor


At Armuchee High School winter sports offered at the school include soccer, basketball, swim, and wrestling. Every athlete has different reasons to be excited about their sport. Ivey Whitaker, sophomore, said, “I am excited. Last season I couldn’t play because I got really sick. I am excited for my first year back!” Despite the obstacle that left her basketball career at a standstill last year, she is better than ever and couldn’t be happier to get back to playing. Another reason students are excited for the arrival of their sport is that they are able to get back with their team. Malik Drinic, senior, said, “It’s a new team and it should be a lot of fun.” Playing together with new or previous seasons players provides opportunities for teamwork. 

Teamwork is an important skill for having a successful season. Not to mention the great friendships and careers it builds for athletes. Ford Jones, senior, said, “I’ve been wrestling since I was 6.” He has represented the Armuchee Indians for almost his entire wrestling profession. He has achieved so much by just doing what he grew up learning. Another example included Poala Martinez, Freshman. She said, “I have been playing soccer for a good five years now.” No matter how long these athletes have been playing, every season calls for a new rage of adrenaline with new or old teammates! 

Conditioning and practices are the coach’s ways to build the players’ agility and skills. Harrison Hulsey, sophomore, said, “We run sweet sixteens and suicide sprints. They are tough but our team is getting in shape for the upcoming games.” Every practice builds the players’ strength and ability to achieve certain game plans. Basketball practices include an immense amount of running, which is also a common routine for soccer players. Furthermore, a soccer player Kalise Morman, sophomore, said, “With Coach Watterson, we do deep stretches, so no cramps; it’s fun!” The coaches choose to make the practices enjoyable, while also building the players’ strength. Not only do sports impact the students, but they bring together the community in a fun way to support student athletes.