Braves Win World Series


MaKayla Eads, Jaycie Johnson, Harrison Hulsey, Staff Writers

Recently the Braves have accomplished 88 wins in the season taking them all the way to the World Series Championship on November 2nd, 2021. The team played the Houston Astros in their first round of the world series with the final score of 9-5, the Astros taking the win. For the next 5 games, the teams went back and forth fighting for the wins, but in the end, the Braves came out on top beating the Astros 7-0 in the final World Series game.

Mrs. Rollins, Biology teacher, purchased a season ticket just in time to see the excitement of this season. Mrs. Rollins said, “I’ve been watching them since I was 9 or 10; my dad always watched them and then my dad would work a lot and my brother and I would watch them. It’s just something that I’ve always enjoyed.” Through the community, it has become routine to watch the games and have a cookout with friends and family. This season, Mrs. Rollins purchased a season Mrs. Rollins said, “We go to lots of games, even sold-out games like the World Series. It was a very different environment; everybody was pumped and they ended up playing very well so it was just like electric; it was really cool.” She says watching the Braves is something she likes because there’s always going to be another season and it’s always different. 

The Battery is an area outside of Truist Stadium where people can eat and watch the game without paying for tickets to go inside. Sophomore Jackson Coonley went to the Battery during the 4th game of the World Series. Jackson said, “It was a great experience being in The Battery during the World Series. Every time the Braves did something good, the fans would go crazy, throwing shirts or drinks in the air. Everyone was thrilled, doing the tomahawk and screaming as loud as they could. It was at max capacity and there was not a single Astros fan in sight, we had the momentum for this game.” Dansby Swanson and Jorge Soler both hit back-to-back home runs in the seventh inning to put the Braves ahead where they advanced to game 5 up 3-1 in the series. Jackson said, “I had a lot of fun with my family, and it was really cool to be so close to the game. I got a Ronald Acuna Jr. jersey while I was there even though he is currently hurt. My family and I had great food and fun in the Battery during game 4 of the World Series.” 

Many people enjoy watching the games of their favorite players. Jordan Elliott, senior, said, “Ronald Acuña Jr. is my favorite player to watch because he brings excitement to the game that no one else does.” Having a preferred player keeps individuals interested in the game and watching their growth over the seasons. Ronald Acuña Jr. was injured in July while chasing a fly-ball that has kept him out for the remainder of the season, including the World Series. Without one of their star players, the Braves had to step up to the plate to win over the Astros. While appreciating the chance to go to the game, Jordan wouldn’t say it was the best experience. Jordan said, “It was fun, but it was too crowded for me so I didn’t like that part.” Although he was not in the most comfortable setting for his liking, he still enjoys watching the game at the stadium rather than on the television.