Holiday Movies at the Mooch


Ava Shirah, Contributor

The holidays consist of these few three months we are in right now, from October to December. It is a time where people all around the globe gather for different reasons and have lots of fun experiences. People do things like feasts and gatherings. They have things for kids like gifts, baking, and activities. As well as celebrations, home-cooked food, and other things for everyone. 

The Armuchee community loves the holidays, specifically Halloween and Christmas. This year Armuchee discusses their favorite seasonal movies. Movies can bring many strangers and friends together from a fun, thrilling, or nostalgic experience. Most students at Armuchee High agree that holiday movies are a way to celebrate the season. Sophomore, Avery Synder, said, “If families and friends didn’t get together, how would it be a holiday. Everyone loves movie marathons! ” 

Armuchee students also are very bright when it comes to their favorite seasonal movies. Tara, freshman, said, “My favorite mixed seasonal movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas, and my favorite funny seasonal movie would have to be “Hocus Pocus”  Dylan Pierce, sophomore, said, “Honestly, my favorite seasonal movie by far would be “Hocus Pocus.” Azan, freshman, said, “If I had to choose, I like Halloween movies over Christmas movies.” Makayla Eads, said, “Between Christmas and Halloween movies, I would have to say my favorite is both!” And while some people don’t think it is a big deal, a simple holiday movie could be all it takes for a whole community to come together.

Student, Sophia Johnston, looked back as she thought about how holidays would be without classic movies. She said, “I feel like if there weren’t seasonal movies, groups of people would have less of a reason to spend time together on the holidays.”