Homecoming Week 2021


Riley Sutton, Staff Writer

Students and staff at Armuchee High School had been celebrating the approaching homecoming dance and game throughout the week. With costumes, decorations, dance anticipation, and door competition, it was a colorful few days. Our theme for the week was “All About the A”, naming the days A-list Day, Animal Adventure Day, Animated Character Day, Armed Forces Day, and All Out Day respectively. 

A common favorite among students was the Animated Character Day and the Animal Adventure day. With these popular themes, the rates of participation proved to be above fifty percent upon first inspection.Students were very enthusiastic about participating in group costumes. We saw some pairings like Spongebob and Patrick, Cosmo and Wanda, people in cheetah print, the Polar Express cast, and many more.

Door decoration was a common collaboration among students and teachers. Mrs. Dougherty said, “I drew the plucked eagle for my door, while my students collaborated on cutting out and hanging all the red and black feathers.” Other doors were also collaborative pieces. Mrs. Mowery and Mrs. Floyd’s doors were done with the help of students like Rylan Weaver and Dylan Pierce (sophomores). said, “We had a good time recreating the Alma Mater with pictures, making it a puzzle.” Overall, the door decor brightened up the school interior for this spirit-filled week.

Many students made plans in anticipation of the homecoming dance. The majority of students decided to take pictures at Berry College like Landon England (junior) and his friends. It was more popular for students to eat a meal after the dance rather than before the dance with Waffle House being a common location for a hungry congregation. While students planned wardrobe, photography, and food, staff worked on setting up the dance for us behind the third gym. Mrs. Dougherty said, “We worked on putting some final touches on the outdoor space where the dance was held.” Other teachers also contributed to the decor, ticket booth, snacks, and supervising of the dance.

Gameday was an anticipated event with students and teachers wearing blue shirts, face paint, jewelry, and glow sticks. Many football players compared stats over the week, trying to estimate who would win between Armuchee and Mt. Zion Carroll. Although Armuchee, unfortunately, lost the game, students gave positive feedback and expressed enjoyment of their time spent at the game.

Students have been sincerely grateful to the teachers and staff who planned the week out and prepared for the events of the weekend. The “All About the A” theme proved to be successful in student participation, garnering excitement for the events towards the end of this spirit-filled week.