Changing Lives One Sip At A Time


Peyton Alford (Left), Junior, and Aidan Mowery (Right), Sophomore, pictured happily working the AHS Tribe and Brew

Armuchee High School is known for many great things. Whether it be extracurricular activities, test scores, or even our outstanding staff, Armuchee has a very well respected reputation. However, people on the outside fail to see what goes on inside the walls of Armuchee High. One highlight of this breathtaking establishment is the Tribe and Brew coffee shop owned and operated by Armuchee staff and students. With excellent customer service, utilitarian life skills, and the bursting school pride within every cup of coffee or hot chocolate, Tribe and Brew is one of the highlights of Armuchee.

With any business, customer satisfaction should be the number one priority. At the Tribe and Brew, every customer is greeted with a smile and a, “Good Morning!” as they approach the stand. Customers and staff alike converse with each other as individuals and make many new friendships and experiences. Peyton Alford, AHS junior, said with a beaming smile, “I like working at the Tribe and Brew because it makes me more social. I get to know people and talk to people I never would have talked to before.” She uses the example of, “walking past someone six times a day,” but never knowing what to say. On the topic of Tribe and Brew customer service, only good things can be heard. Many memories can be made from experiences with people, and you never know when you can brighten someone’s day with a sincere smile and a simple hello.

Another purpose of the AHS Tribe and Brew is to teach students essential skills needed later in life. With any hands on position, you gain valuable experience that is crucial when used in a real world situation. Aidan Mowery, AHS sophomore, states, “The Tribe and Brew has taught me to be less sarcastic, more humble, and not to be rude when we get strange requests or requests for items we don’t have.” Mowery has learned many new skills not only for his personality, but also labor-wise. Mowery states, “The single/short-handed days when I am by myself tend to be stressful and a lot to handle, especially when co-workers and I are both involved in school clubs like FBLA or Key Club.” Employees of the Tribe and Brew learn not only how to balance their people skills, but also how to balance their schedule. Employees such as Alford and Mowery will continue using these traits later on in their years as successful human beings.

By working at the Armuchee Tribe and Brew, you can make new friendships or learn new skills. Not only will you grow as a person, but you will grow in your social life also. Grow your soul with a hot chocolate or coffee from the Tribe and Brew, and we hope to see you there!