One Word Challenge Helps Students Set Goals for 2020

Sabrina Hood, Staff writer

The One Word Challenge asks students to come up with one word that they want to improve on in the coming year. Rather than a New Year’s Resolution, participants build the character of people all around the world, one word at a time. This word could be anything in the English dictionary ranging from “motivation” to “procrastination.” Many students take the word of their choice and place it somewhere they can see it, like on a mirror or phone case, so it can remind them to use this word as motivation throughout the year. In their English classes, students created a decorative arrow with their word on it to hang up in the halls throughout the school. 

Armuchee High School Sophomore Ridge Painter chose the word “Selflessness.” He said, “The significance of the word is to put other people first and make sure everyone is well and doing good deeds.¨ He intends to use this word to help him put others needs first, even if that puts him in uncomfortable situations. Makenna Raiford, a senior at AHS, chose the word “Discover.” She decided on this word because in 2020 she will be graduating, starting college, and becoming an aunt. These big life changes will shape her and help her discover who she is. Dylan Simmons, a junior, chose the word “Purpose” because he knows God has a purpose for his life. He says The word “purpose” opens up a new reality that people don‘t often notice. It helps others see their life in a new light, and sparks a positive change for which they will be grateful.” Taking a look from a first year perspective, Freshman Elizabeth Stockton chose “Lead” to help her be able to lead her fellow peers into a successful path throughout high school; hopefully, they stick to it long after high school. 

The One Word Challenge has helped many students throughout the school make better changes for themselves, this year and last year.  Hope Brickey, a sophmore, says her chosen word from last year helped her become more motivated, and the word also pointed out the word “Strive” for this year. Spencer Hood, a junior, stated that his word from last year changed his whole outlook on his year and got him excited to focus on a new word. 

Armuchee is not only improving the education of young students, but their character as well. It all starts with one word.