AHS Students Donate 3,838 Cans to Charity

Addie Young, Staff writer

This year the Can-a-Thon raised 3,838 cans. This is more than AHS has been raised in the past. Unfortunately, we did not meet our goal of 5,000 cans. The event benefits the hungry in our community. If students had met their goal, they could have seen Mr.Rhodarmer in a turkey suit during both of the lunch periods. However, that gives students a goal to shoot for next year. None of the Can-a-Thon success would have been possible without seniors Emilee Singleton or Zainab Wassem

Zainab and Emilee took lead in the Can-a-Thon and directed the entire event. The Can-a-Thon is a school-wide week-long contest to see which class can donate the most cans. At the end of the week, all of the cans were counted and whoever collected the most cans earned a pizza and ice cream party. Planning the event is not an easy task.  tThere are so many things that go on behind the scenes.

Zainab  enjoys helping others;  she likes having the school come together as one and trying to achieve one goal. 

Zainab and Emille both agree that organizing and directing a school-wide event is very challenging. “There are a lot of after-hours that go into it even after school,” said Zainab.  Emiliee and Zainab met with Mr. Rhodarmer and the administration trying to figure things out. “It is just a lot that we didn’t expect that we were going to have to do, but in the end, it was just so worth it,” said Zainab.

Emilee Singleton helped in the Can-a-Thon with donating cans and organizing the class contest. the whole thing with Zainab and Emilee wanted to make their impact as seniors. Both agreed that this particular project would help our school and community. Emiliee said, “The Can-a-Thon is a really good event because it just quite simply helps people out in ways that we will never understand. In addition, it lets other people in this school know that they have left their mark in some way, shape, or form.”