Brighter Birthdays and Key Club are Making a Difference

Fiza Nadeem, Staff Writer

     Key Club volunteered this fall with a local non-profit organization. Brighter Birthdays is a non-profit organization whose task is to give birthday backpacks to underprivileged children in our community. The founder of the organization is Christen Warden. Her goal is to provide birthday packages to students in the community who might not have goodies for a birthday celebration, and bring a smile to their faces. The organization is making a huge impact by sending over 3,000 bags to the children this year.

           Gavin Outler, sophomore, was in key club last year too. “Last year it was a lot more chaotic, but this year most people had an idea of what to do, so it went a lot smoother,” said Gavin. “We are thrilled to partner with a local organization where we are helping children in our own community,” said Mrs. Mowery, Key Club Advisor

        Brighter birthdays serves 16 schools within this region. On October 16th members of the Key Club volunteered their time after school to help with the Key Club project. Hanna Smith and Gracy Padgett, freshmen, really enjoyed the project. They both learned the importance of working together and helping others. “Students felt the importance of helping others, and they also felt humble,” said Gracy Padget. Students packed the goody bags to send to children.  

      In each bag, they put party decorations, birthday plates, napkins, cards, as well as many other goods that would make a child’s birthday even more better. 

       According to freshman, Addie Young, brighter birthdays was an easy way to help unprivileged children, and bring smiles to their faces. Makenna Raiford, senior, said, “I wanted to help the community. From this project, I learned the importance of working together, and helping others in any possible way you can.”  Key Club will volunteer again next semester.