Seniors Prepare for the Next Chapter-College

Addie Young, Staff Writer

At the end of the school year 2019-2020 all the seniors will walk across the stage to get their diploma and find out what comes next in life. Some of the seniors know what they want to do; some others are kind of sure, but some have no clue what they want to do next. Audrey Young said, “I don’t have anything set in stone for after high school just yet.̈  She wants to go to Samford University because it is a great Christian-based school, the campus is beautiful, and the business school is impressive. Audrey wants to major in business (finance) because it is such a versatile major that can be used in many different ways. Audrey had some advice for all the kids in the grades below. She said, “Stay on top of your schoolwork and grades so that when junior and senior year come you’re not as stressed and keep up with all of the things you are involved in.̈

Jax Gribble is also a senior that doesn’t quite know where he wants to go to college just yet. Jax doesn’t have a career path yet, but he does know that he wants to go to college rather than trade school or enlisting in the military because it’s going to give him an education to prepare for his career. Jax would also like to give some advice to the kids in the grades below, he said, ¨Try your best at everything you do and apply yourself. Jax wants to go to Young Harris because he wants to play basketball there. “I might pick another college to attend, but it depends on what offer they give for a scholarship with basketball.¨ Jax is also most likely staying in Georgia. Even though he doesn’t know what he wants to major in, he still doesn’t think freshmen should be worried about it yet. 

Senior Olivia Crumbly gave some advice to the kids in the grades below her .̈Don’t stress. Everything will work itself out so take it slow; take small steps over time throughout high school in preparation for college so you can have everything done senior year. You can still enjoy high school while you are still in it.¨

Senior Donna Cornejo thinks that high schoolers should be deciding what college they want to go to. “Four years in high school is honestly not enough time to decide what college one wants to attend. However, these four years everyone needs to prepare themselves and start thinking of what they want to do.” Donna took AP Psychology and AP Government and during those courses, she obtained so much knowledge of why people behave the way they do and why the law is our sustainability of society. Ever since those courses, she wants to help and try to improve society one step at a time.

James Haney is a senior at Armuchee High School who plans on attending a 2-year college then transfer to a  4-year college. James has some advice he would like to share with the kids on the grades below him. ̈ Don’t pick a college because of one particular detail.  Make sure they can offer you more than just a degree in life.¨ James is going to major in criminal justice because he plans to become a CSI then go back to law school. James does not think high schoolers should start thinking about college as soon as they become freshmen, but he does think they should be trying to figure out what they will want to do so they know how many options they  have.