Student Council Kickoff 2019

Olivia Fields, Freshman Writer

On August 8th, the Armuchee High School Student Council held its first meeting. They discussed the responsibilities of each position and their involvement in school events. Also at this meeting, they were able to meet the other representatives from other grade levels. The purpose of the council is to communicate with the administration at the school. They also make sure every student’s voice is heard. 

The Student Council has a president and a vice president for each grade level. Along with those positions each grade is given their own secretary, public relations officer, and faculty liaison, though the freshman class has not received a faculty liaison yet. Having this position would mean being responsible for communicating with the staff as to what the other members are discussing. The teachers felt they could not fairly select a representative because the do not know this group of students well enough yet. The public relations officer is in charge of keeping the student body as to what the council is doing and promote good communication between the staff, student body, and the student council.

“Leadership qualities are very important to be a part of the council. Any member should definitely have excellent communication skills and be kind.” according to the freshman Vice President, Riley Roberts. 

This year is Caleb Hammond’s first year on the council as Junior Class President. “Sometimes it’s hard having homework and sports, and also this.” Nevertheless, he enjoys being a part of his school and helping the community. Zain Waseem, Junior Vice President, relies on time management with his many responsibilities from FBLA, tennis, and Key Club.  

The Student Council at AHS is in charge of homecoming. They have been meeting weekly to make signs and discuss the dance. At these meetings, they also converse about the door-decorating competition. The principal, Mr. Rhodarmer is taking Junior and senior members to a Tom Graves summit to learn positive leadership and encourage them. 

The Student Council at Armuchee High School is a great team, and we can not wait to see how they further impact our school. The members, all 19 of them, thank you and hope they can make you as proud as they feel. 

Student Council Members List:

Senior Class Officers:

President: Zainab Waseem

Vice President: Chloe Pledger

Secretary: Emiliee Singleton

Public Relations Officer: Nathan Mathis

Faculty Liaison: Levi Hammond


Junior Class Officers:

President: Caleb Hammond

Vice President: Zain Waseem

Secretary: Hayle Singleton

Public Relations Officer: Jadynn Johnson 

Faculty Liaison: Darrell Trejo


Sophomore Class Officers:

President: Katie Leonard

Vice President: Peyton Alford

Secretary: Makayla Downs

Public Relations Officer: Kiley Smith


Freshman Class Officers:

President: Mathew Campbell

Vice President: Riley Roberts

Secretary: Addison Young

Public Relations Officer: Erene Castro