Emma Harrel-Firefly Fling Art Winner

Freshman Emma Harrell’s art was used for promoting an event that is coming on this month of April 26. The community event is known as the Firefly Fling Art show where Harrell’s unimaginable artwork was presented. Harrell also would like her occupation to have something that has to do with art. Of all her paintings and drawings. Harrell’ likes all of her paintings and drawings equally. Harrell’s favorite way to make art is by painting. Harrell said, “I love that you can mix the colors together, and there are so many more options of colors.” Some of her favorite extracurricular activities is that she enjoys cross country, and tennis. When Harrell started to get into art she was really young. One person who really inspired her to work on art is a man named Fredo Decato. One piece of artwork she is working really hard on right now is a sculptor of a skeleton.

Freshmen- Emma Harrell’s colorful artwork that was shown in the Firefly Fling Art show. Emma Harrell continues to work on artwork as of right now she is working on a sculptor of a skeleton.