Anytime is Tee Time

Kaylin Coffman, Assistant Editor

The 2019 Golf team is made up of seven boys and five girls. The boys team has two returners from the 2018 season and three returners for the girls. This year the golf coach is Coach Simpson, who has been playing golf all of his life. Simpson said, “My coaching goal has always been to coach basketball and golf.” Simpson was the assistant golf coach from 2016-2017. Returner Allison Jackson, junior, said, “Coach Simpson helps us a lot with our technique.” Simpson has two goals for the golf team this year. He said that he wants to see improvement in their scores and their skills. His second goal is, “I want them to learn how to play the right way and for my players to enjoy playing golf. I want us to be able to compete, play with the right technique, and have fun!”

Due to the consistent rainfall at the beginning of the season, the golf team did not get to begin practices until the week before their first match on the 13th of February. Audrey Young, junior, said, “The rain really set us back in practices, however it just made us work harder when the time came to practice.” The golf team currently practice’s two days a week at the Stonebridge Golf Course. Young said, “Our practices are different every time. One day we will go to the range and the putting green, and the next day we will go to the actual course.” Senior, Joey Cerniglia, played golf his freshman year and is now playing again as a senior. He said that he decided to play golf again this year because he had worked hard and gotten better at it. Cerniglia said, “This year my goal is to do well at regionals.”

Motivation is a large part of being good at any sport. Will Holloway, sophomore, said, “My motivation to play is to possibly get a scholarship for college.” Cole Arasmith, junior, is a returner this year. Arasmith said, “I like golf because it is fun and I can still pay for my truck.” Logan Lively, sophomore, has never played golf competitively before. Lively said that her dad is very involved with golf and loves the sport. She said, “My dad has always pushed me to play, and now that I am playing, I really enjoy it and I am glad that I listened to him.”