Key Club Valentine’s Day

Kaylie Terry

This year, Key Club sold Valentine’s Day bags for three dollars to the students at Armuchee. A student paid for a bag, decorated it, then put the name of the person they would like to give it to. The students received their bags on February 13th. Most students were surprised when getting one because they weren’t expecting a student to purchase a Valentine’s gift. The bags were stuffed with different chocolates and candies for the student. The money raised go towards our local March Of Dimes.

Kyra Mabry, a sophomore, received her Valentine’s Day candy bag. She said, “When I received my bag, I felt very special and a rush of happiness came upon me.”

Humberto Solis, a senior, received a Valentine’s bag. He said, “I felt very special to  receive a bag because I recognized the effort and time that was put into making it.”

Olivia Moses, a freshmen, received a Valentine’s bag. She said, “When I was a handed a bag I was, surprised because I wasn’t expecting to receive one, but afterwards my friend told me it was from her. My favorite candy inside was the Sour Patch Kids.”

Parker Jenkins, a freshmen, received his Valentine’s Day bag as well. He said, “I bought the bag for myself so I could have candy and feel good on Valentine’s Day and my favorite treat inside the bag was the Snicker bar.”

Donna Cornejo-Reyes, a junior, received a Valentine’s Day bag. She said, “What I loved the most was that certain individuals take time out of their day to make someone feel loved. It is an act of kindness, which I will always cherish. I felt very happy to know that there are students who actually contribute to the cause by purchasing a Valentine’s Day bag.”

Ivey O’Neal, a sophomore, received a Valentine’s Day bag, too. She said, “My favorite part of the bag was how it was decorated, and when I received it I felt very happy and loved.”

Alyssa Macolomb, a senior, received a Valentine’s Day bag. She said, “When I was handed a bag, I was extremely joyful because I didn’t know he had bought me one.”

Corey Wagner, a sophomore, received her Valentine’s bag also. She said, “A sense of  appreciation ran through me when I got a Valentine’s Day bag because I was not expecting to receive one. My favorite part of the bag was the lollipop.”