Senior Superlatives 2018-19


Kaylie Terry

Most Mischievous

This year the senior superlative for Most Mischievous is Jasper Rogers and Halie Boozer. To receive this award, Rogers said that he never pulled any pranks at school; instead it was because he has gone to jail. Rogers said, “I strive to be mischievous every day.” Rogers expected to get this reward because he knew he was known for being the person that isn’t afraid to cross the line. Rogers said, “I learned to be mischievous from watching my dad when growing up.” After high school, Rogers plans to go to college. Rogers said, “Being at AHS, I have learned the value in working hard, and how it will affect you when having a job.” His favorite memories from AHS are meeting new people. Rogers said, “To me, Tribe and True means to be honest and help others.” In Rogers’ senior year, he is looking forward to getting out of high school the most.