NHS Raised Close to $5,000 for Relay for Life


From left to right we have Sophomores, Allison Jackson, Sarah Barnes, Maddie Strawn, and Freshman, Hayle Singleton. They are standing with the Dixie Stompers, a dance group, who performed many dances at the Relay for Life event.

This year, Relay for Life took place at Ridge Ferry Park on Friday, April 20th. The AHS National Honor Society had a booth set up, featuring mugs, candy, and other giveaways to survivors. 60 NHS members volunteered at the event, raising almost $5,000 for Relay for Life. Mrs. Ashley Flagello, AHS Science teacher, and Mrs. Mary Stuart Ratledge, AHS history teacher, are the advisors for NHS. There were many booths set up along the park path. They sold either shirts, crafts, or food. The event started with the walk for the survivors, then the caretakers, and lastly the firefighters. There were many games and activities to occupy time before the lighting of the luminaries. The Dixie Stompers performed many dances while the Mr. Relay contestants, which were men who walked around the loop wearing dresses, gathered donations. There was a variety of music played, such as Dawson Edwards and the band Rock Root Revival.

Before the lighting of the luminaries, attendees lined up in a circle around the track. The speaker began and asked all people diagnosed with cancer to light their candles; he then asked all people who were parents, caregivers, or grandparents of someone with cancer. Next the speaker called for the people who had grandparents, parents or loved ones with cancer to light their candles. Finally, the speaker called for those who knew someone who was diagnosed with cancer. At the end of telling people to light their candles, the announcer said, “Look around you; not a single candle is not lit.” After everyone had their candles lit, participants lit the luminaries closest to us. Junior Bridgette Jones said, “The candlelight service was very touching and made me think of all of my relatives who have had cancer and passed away from cancer.” Then attendees walked around the track in silence giving respect. Junior, Anna Fitzpatrick said, “Relay for Life’s candlelight ceremony was very moving and serious. It allowed me to fully reflect on cancer and its impacts.” Relay for Life allows its supporters to see everyone who has been impacted by cancer.