Ms. Holcomb


Ethan Peace and Mitchell Worsham

Ms. Holcomb is the new media center paraprofessional for Armuchee High School and Armuchee Middle School. Previously she taught for 7 years as a classroom teacher. She chose to work here because she was looking to do something different, yet wanted to stay in the Floyd County School district. She said, “It has been an eye-opening experience as to what goes on the outside of the classroom.” She enjoys learning about middle and high school experiences every day. One of the student workers in the library, Kelsey Tucker, Senior, said, “Ms. Holcomb is very nice and is going to be a great media center paraprofessional for the middle school and the high school.”

Ms. Holcomb, Media Center

Ms. Holcomb said, “My favorite thing about being in the media center is seeing all the students’ smiles and happiness.” Ms. Holcomb is working on what teachers call the Level-Up. Program, which is a program that expands the knowledge of technology for teachers in our school system. Since she is a media center paraprofessional, she is juggling different jobs such as shelving, checking books in and out, working with Chromebooks, and assisting students. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her two sons Ridge and Jesse, going to the beach, and watching NASCAR.