Dr. Bettler 2021 AHS Teacher of the Year

Connor Painter, Staff Writer

This year Donald Bettler is Armuchee’s Teacher of the Year and was presented the award in front of the school. Dr. Donald Bettler has been teaching at AHS for 17 years. Dr.Bettler’s  3 children attended Armuchee and he is very proud of that. He loves his pet hamsters, Chocolate and Donut, who entertain the class by chirping and squeaking. He earned his Ph.D. in Genetics from Emory University and his B.S from Purdue University. Dr.Bettler teaches chemistry, anatomy, physical science, AP Research as well as biology. Besides teaching students, he is the girls soccer coach, who went to state last year from his excellent coaching capabilities. Many students have said that he is very funny and likes to joke around with the students, all while making points in teaching and helping when they need it.

Many students have fond memories of his class. Ethan Wilder said, “He is always being goofy while pushing the point of the lesson across at the same time.” Students talked about how he let them touch dry ice, and how he touched a magnet to the TV to show what happened. Cael Henderson, a sophomore, said, “He has an ability to connect with his students in engaging and fun ways. When you don’t understand something, he does not get mad at you, he sits down and explains it step by step until you finally understand.” Connor Agan, sophomore, said, “He is there to help at any cost; he even went to McDonald’s and said he would be there if we needed help.” Noah Wright said, “If a teacher is willing to go and sit at McDonald’s for an hour, they deserve the Award, No doubt about it.”   Sidd Carver, sophomore, said, “ He won’t let you fail as long as you do your work; he will do everything he can to make you pass that class. He will stay after to help you, let you retake tests, meet up before school to get tutoring. It’s crazy how much he cares about his students.” Dr. Bettler in the past has helped many students through high school; many kids said they love his class because of how helpful and determined he is to help his students with their work. Dr. Bettler is an excellent Teacher of the Year because of his determination, how kind he is, his goofiness, his teaching ability, and how he can make the atmosphere better by telling a joke. It is easy to see that his students love him.