Tribe Tribune

2018-2019 Staff

Kaylin Coffman

Assistant Editor

Junior Kaylin Coffman is a third year journalism student at Armuchee High School. She decided to sign up for the journalism class as a freshman because she wanted to improve her writing. Coffman has remained in journalism beca...

Allison Jackson


It is Junior Allison Jackson’s third year in journalism. She joined because of her passion for writing. Over the years, she has gained many new writing skills that she uses in her literature classes as well as in journalism. Her s...

Mitchell Worsham

Features Editor

Sophomore, Mitchell Worsham, is in his second year of high school and second year of Journalism. Mitchell enjoyed last year in Journalism. He liked making the layouts for the pages. After school was over he had fun in the summ...

Alexis Hardy

School News Editor

Alexis Hardy is a junior at Armuchee High. In 2016-2017 school year she started in Journalism, at first she didn't like it because she said she wasn't a very good writer and was very shy. Hardy said, "Throughout the year I ca...

Sarah Barnes

Sports Editor

Sarah Barnes is a junior at Armuchee High School. This is her third year as a journalism student. As a sophomore, Barnes was the features editor. This year she is the sports editor for the Tribe Tribune. Barnes describes journ...

Kathryn Beavers

Staff Writer

Kathryn Beavers is a freshman at Armuchee High School, who joined journalism due to the fact that she enjoys writing. She also joined due to her desire to get into a good college. So when she thought about it, Kathryn figured journ...

Cori Wagner

Staff Writer

Cori Wagner is a sophomore at Armuchee High School, and is attending Armuchee High School for her second year in the 2018-19 school year. This school year is her first year being a part of the journalism staff and she plans to give jou...

Bill Towns

Staff Writer

Bill Towns is a sophomore at AHS. This year is his first year being in Journalism. Towns said, "I joined journalism not really knowing about the school newspaper I joined because a woman said “if you like writing  you could do...

Kaylie Terry

Staff Writer

Kaylie Terry is a junior at Armuchee High School and she attends West Rome Baptist Church. Terry recently won state for competition cheerleading. Her favorite movie is The Greatest Showman because it's main purpose is to tell th...

Brianne Carver

Staff Writer

Brianne Carver, Sophomore,  has been attending Armuchee High School for one and a half years. She is a new journalist this year, and she was interested in journalism because she loves to read and write. It also looks really good...

Bryce Abshire

Staff writer

Bryce Abshire is a sophomore at Armuchee High School. Abshire enjoys kayaking, hiking, and playing video games. One of his favorite things he did this summer was go to Texas. He said, “I enjoyed going to see the Alamo and walk...

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