Supporting our Tribe Influences Athletic Performance

Kaylin Coffman, School News Editor

The attitude of fellow students affects the performance of the football team. Some of the students of AHS come out to every game to support the tribe, and they want to see the players do well. Some of the students who speak negatively toward the team don’t show up to any events and have minimal school pride because of it. AHS should be a place of tribe pride, described as a family but when someone starts to hear a few people with a bad attitude, he/she starts to believe it.

When football teams are always winning games, there is also a huge student section filled with pride and love for the team. Not being supportive of the football team is wrong. People expect the team to win games and do well, but they don’t show up to support them. At Temple High School,  not many students showed up to watch our team. All day on Friday prior to the game students were already doubting the team before they gave them a chance. The football team  came off the field with a loss. This was devastating for the players coming from a win the week before with a huge student section. A factor that is included in the losses are that at away games not many students show support for the team, which affects the performance.

Mrs. Leah Byrnes, literature teacher, has been teaching for 22 years and has gradually seen an increase in negative comments. She said before the negative comments were a big issue, all the students had loyalty to the school because their parents and grandparents and great grandparents had all attended the school.  Mrs. Byrnes said, “When students talk down about the football team this creates a divide between the athletes and the students because it makes the team feel like the students are not supporting them or that they don’t believe in them.” Mrs. Byrnes has taught and is currently teaching football players and other students and sees the positive and negative behavior daily. “There is a selfish mentality to point out the negative aspects of people,” said Mrs. Byrnes. Some may argue that the support from the students shouldn’t affect the team because they should be completely focused on the game.

However, most players feed off of screaming and yelling and having support from the people they  see almost everyday. Those who believe that the attitude of the students does not affect the team have not seen the effect the players get more pumped up and excited. When they have support and love cheering them on, they begin to develop the craving for a win. The attitude of students, whether good or bad, becomes contagious for other students and they start believing those same things.

The attitude of fellow students affects the outcome of the football team. If the attitude changed, the football team would become more confident and would gain more determination to win. In order for this to happen, the school has to have more school spirit and show more tribe pride.