FCA Impacts the Tribe


Chase Ritchey, Staff Writer

The FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes; however, FCA welcomes all students, not just athletes. They are a student-led group, but they also have guest speakers. FCA’s purpose is to love and encourage each other throughout life and build their relationship with Christ. An FCA leader, Sophie Thacker, said, “The FCA holds great meaning to me; it is a really good way for us as a school to come together and talk about God.” A member of the FCA, Parker Campbell, said, “As a Christian, we are called to reach out to as many people as possible to spread the gospel to people who have never heard of the good news. Fellowship of Christian Athletes provides an outlet for us to invite our classmates into a welcoming environment so that we can spread the word.” 

The FCA has adult leaders, as well. Coach Traylor,  advisor for the FCA has said, “FCA is a place where I have seen many students grow their faith. It is a way for students at school to express their belief in Christ and uplift others.” Coach Taylor has seen the impact that the FCA has had on many students throughout the years that he has been a part of the tribe.

Additionally, the FCA was involved in Fields of Faith, an event where FCA members around the county come together to worship God. Carlie Wolfer said, “I got to be a part of the Fields of Faith worship team who led music at the event this year. I always look forward to hearing everyone’s testimonies and getting the opportunity to praise and worship God with my community. This year, I really enjoyed it from the perspective of getting to lead the music.” 

FCA meets up once a week on Thursday at 7:30 AM.