Fall Frenzy

Rylan Weaver, Contributer

Armuchee kick starts fall with Homecoming, the Coosa Valley Fair, Softball, Volleyball, Football, and our community gathering, Tribefest. Though fall technically started in September, October was the month where we really got to see all of the beautiful changes the season brings. 

As the season began,  fellow students traded in their shorts and t-shirts for jeans and sweaters as a chill settled in the air. When it comes to the attire for every season some students have pretty different opinions on what they’d prefer to wear. This divide is pretty broad. Freshman Christopher Thomas said, “I like summer clothes because I don’t have to burn up in the Summer.” On the opposite side of the spectrum, Freshman Lilith Dew was quick to counter.  She said, “I like fall clothes because I just really like sweaters,” Whichever clothes students prefer, Fall chills are still much less abrasive compared to the bitter Winter cold.

With so much of students’ lives revolving around school, a break is always highly appreciated. Kaylee Nichols, a sophomore said, “I spend my weekends outside enjoying the fall atmosphere, like with the crunchy leaves and how all the trees are there, and just everything.” Freshman Christopher Thomas said, “When spending his time on the weekends, I typically like to just hang out with my family and go outside and play.” Lastly, Lilith Dew, a freshman, said, “I am still stuck doing homework.” However, despite the intention of the break to be rest, these students Kaylee Nichols, Lilith Dew, and Christopher Thomas, decided to fill their fall breaks with loads of activity, with Christopher going on a trip to the beach, Kaylee busy perusing the national parks of North Carolina with her family, and Lilith and her family traveling all over Georgia on a haunted road trip. 

The students of Armuchee seem to also have a passion for a certain holiday of the season. Even when put up against Thanksgiving, Halloween seemed to be a  commonality over Thanksgiving by a long shot. Lilith said, “Halloween is just my favorite holiday; I like anything that’s creepy for some reason.” Kaylee and Christopher shared rather similar opinions, both preferring Halloween. Kaylee said, “I think a lot more festivities surround that and like friends and family and you get to dress up and you meet new people and it’s just really fun.” 

Now if there’s anything that’d be impossible to leave out when talking about fall, it would be sports. Kaylee Nichols participates in marching band. She said, “I really love the community aspect; it just feels like a big family.” Lilith Dew spends her Fall running Cross Country for our girls team. Then, on the other end, Christopher Thomas said his favorite thing about fall over everything else was baseball, talking about the major leagues that continue from April to October.

All of these students, even though they might not quite feel the same about everything discussed, still found a perfect way to tell what they enjoy about this season. So as summer blends into fall, and fall chills to winter, be sure that you enjoy these seasons and everything else that comes to pass.