Removing the WiFi from Armuchee High School

There has been a new plan of action discussed to help improve the speed of the chromebooks throughout Armuchee High School. There have been underlying issues within the usage of the chromebooks. The chromebooks and other school related devices have been extraordinarily slow due to the signal in Armuchee and the fact that the students are also connected to the school wifi with their phones. The plan of action is to completely remove all of the students’ personal devices from the school wifi. The chromebooks and the teachers computers and personal devices will be directly routed to a private server. Mrs. Mowery stated that “Google Classroom will be faster when the wifi is taken out of school”. This plan is also said to improve academic scores because students are “choosing to text in class instead of paying attention” Mrs. Mowery also stated. This is what multiple teachers have said when discussing academic scores, that most of their students’ grades will improve as soon as they will not be able to access social media while on campus anymore. Many teachers have predicted the students’ reactions to this plan as soon as it is followed through with. Coach Decker stated, “students are going to be mad because every student has a cell phone and the cell service is bad so they won’t be able to access stuff on their phone”. He also stated that, “there is going to be more discipline issues because students will be frustrated about not being able to access anything on their phone”. 

Students and teachers have different opinions about the removal of school wifi. Joshua Hash does not think taking the wifi getting taken out of school will help the school system. He stated, “this probably won’t help the school system because students will end up with no service to contact people”. Students have mainly stated the negative effects to this plan of action instead of the positive effects. Many teachers support this plan and see this as “a great solution to an ongoing problem”, Mrs. Mowery stated. 

Students have put major emphasis on how there will be a lack of communication when the wifi is taken out of school. It has been predicted that as soon as the wifi is taken out of school, students will not be able to call or text anyone within or outside of school. This could cause many issues for the students if there is a case of emergency. However, teachers and staff have stated that if there is a case of emergency, wall phones throughout the school will be put to use. This is going to be the plan that is going to make up for the lack of communication the students will experience as soon as the wifi is removed. Although there are going to be many downfalls that will occur when this is going to take place, the positives will supposedly outweigh the negative effects to this plan.