Trump and Our Election

 The 2020 elections have been the controversy of the year. Brother turning on brother, friend turning on friend, as madness slowly arises into daily American life. As the election progressed, we saw more verbal arguments taking place during the school day and over the phone. Political opinions define you and your friends. Division among Armuchee High school became more and more prominent as the election process progressed.  Even after the whole world thought Biden had won the election, new information about skewed voting then came out, creating more division and arguments.

Throughout the election, as a result of mild forms of propaganda provided by both media coverage and by parties, stereotypes have originated. Madison Burton, an AHS Senior, stated that the stereotypical Donald Trump Supporter could be described as, “southern and white.” She believes that these stereotypes originated from, “videos of radical Trump supporters.” Madison describes herself as agreeing more with the Joe Biden side of the election. When choosing a candidate, a new voter can be easily swayed if not properly educated by unbiased sources. Sifting through the unbiased media can create stress on a new voter therefore leaving them inadequately and improperly educated on the candidate they agree with the most. Madison Burton agrees with the statement that stereotypes can sway the way new voters may vote. These stereotypes are undoubtedly biased and mostly untrue due to the, “generalization of a group of people,” and that they, “are not always true and do not apply to everybody.” Some of these stereotypes were both confirmed and denied at the Trump Rally in Rome, GA.


On Sunday November 1, 2020 Donald J. Trump landed at the Russell Regional Airport at 9:00 PM to a crowd of his endearing and strong-willed supporters chanting in joy at the sight of the 45th President. This rally was held in Georgia, a state that has not swayed democrat since 1992, which is a battleground state in the 2020 election. By outsiders and critics, the rally was viewed as a danger to public health and as a cover-up for the true issues at hand. Although some critics say these things, the rally was described by Hunter Garmony, an AHS 8th grader, as, “lit” and as, “perfect.” Hunter went to the Trump rally to, “see my Daddy Don.” He waited for the president’s arrival for six hours. Bailey Tomlin, an AHS sophomore, described her experience at the rally as really crazy and as a, “once in a lifetime experience.” Bailey explained that, “most of the time I spent at the rally was waiting on the president” and that, “everyone cheered him on once he got there.” The gates of the rally opened at 4:30 PM allowing the crowd in half an hour earlier than promised. At the rally, there were governmental figures and influential representatives that were supporting, “daddy don” in the 2020 election. One of the supporters was Vernon Jones who is a democrat voting for, “daddy don” in this election. Emily Tomlin described Vernon as, “really good” and that she, “really liked him.” The majority of the people who were close to the president had been waiting in the long lines for over eight hours with intermittent, hot weather. One statement Emily made that she particularly wanted public was, “Trump 2020.” 


Voting is a very important way to express your opinion on our governmental and federal leaders. It was established in 1868 in the United States. Voting is something that a retired teacher feels as is, “important” and as, “people should be at least eighteen years old to vote.” In the 2020 election, many new voters and recurring people have voted this year. Sheryl Powell is a recurring voter in the 2020 election. She is a retired Floyd County Schools Teacher who taught at Alto Park Elementary School. Sheryl believes that there are no similarities between Trump and Biden when she stated that, “they are pulling in two different directions.” She believes that the election could be considered bias because, “we are all biased in one way or another.” The differences in the 2020 election for her are the, “division” and that, “The democrats thought that they had won in 2016 and have resented it ever since.” Sheryl argues the fact that Joe Biden’s, “Talk is cheap!” She also considers the statement, “I don’t know what might happen. Could be very little, but a whole new crew in charge could make drastic changes! Pack the supreme court, take away our insurance, Democrats could control our country and they are leaning toward socialism.” She feels as if, “I don’t like anything I’ve heard from Biden.” Although some people don’t feel the same way, voting is an age-old tradition among United States Citizens. Everyone has a right to their opinion and a right to cast their vote. At the end of the day, our country will evolve as time goes on, but our morals and basic principles will stay the same. 

2020 has been a both eventful and stressful year. The election has made things more tense, but it has also brought people with like ideas together. Voting has shown the American people that their voice matters, and that they can be heard throughout the United States. At the end of the day, whoever becomes our president, the majority of the country will be happy with the leader selected, which is why we vote to voice our opinion. I believe that at the conclusion of the 2020 election the country will be able to unite itself under the leader selected, and support them no matter their opinions on them. Like it or not, whoever wins the election will become our president. Whether it be Biden or Trump, we should support him, which supports America and its prosperity. “Trump 2020”