Fall Fashion in 2020 at AHS


Mary Grace Traylor, Staff Writer

2020 has been a huge year for fashion, especially this fall. The newest trend has been the infamous mask. Due to the effects of Covid-19 a majority of people have either chosen or have been required to wear a mask. 

Sophomores Emmy Carney and Elizabeth Stockton are excited for sweater weather. ” They are very warm, and cozy but also very stylish,” said Carney. Sweaters are a staple item in Autumn and are so timeless considering they have been popular every year. The two girls said they love to shop at places like American Threads, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, and Brooklynś. Elizabeth said, ¨I have seen so many 90s -inspired looks like tennis skirts with oversized sweatshirts and collared shirts underneath. I am so excited to see this trend.”

Many agree that one of the most stylish teachers at AHS is Mrs. Hellriegel. She loves Fall in general, especially the clothes that come with it.  She doesn’t really have a fashion inspiration now, however, when she was a teenager The Spice Girls were her fashion inspiration. She plans to buy new masks for the upcoming season. She said, ¨Masks are the new fashion necessity.¨

 Nike Air Jordans are a popular trend. Maggie Duke, sophomore, and Bailey Tomlin, sophomore, are both wearing a pair in the pictures featured. New trends include patchwork pants, tennis skirts, monochromatic sets and more. Though everyone is thinking about the newest fashion accessory-the mask.