Running to Success: Cross Country Season in 2020

Braden Reeder, Staff Writer

Cross country has been in full swing, beginning in August 2020. The team has been working very hard and have competed in several races with more on the way, and they have been doing very well in them. Although, COVID-19 has impacted this year’s cross country season. Coach Pierce said, “Social distancing has made it hard for us to have competitive workouts as a group, and our line-up has been thinned out several times in races with runners being quarantined.” While these circumstances have been frustrating for Coach Pierce and his team, they have made the most of it and are still having a successful season.

The most important contributor to succeeding at cross country is having dedicated runners who are willing to push themselves. Matthew Campbell, sophomore runner, believes that motivation is a key factor in running cross country. He said, “Competition pushes you to improve as a runner. I have gotten faster due teammates and supporters cheering him on. Coach Pierce said, “Motivating runners is one of the basics of being a cross country runner, and that the hardest part is getting students to actually try out the sport.”