January Noon Optimist – Matti Hawkins


Makenna Raiford, Staff Writer

In January, senior, Matti Hawkins was selected from Armuchee High School for The Noon Optimist of the month, along with other students from around Floyd County. The Rome Noon Optimist Club selects students each month from Rome and Floyd County schools who show outstanding leadership skills, academic performance, and who selflessly contribute to their community. The goal of the Rome Noon Optimist Club on selecting students each month is to recognize those who go above and beyond,making their school a better place. 

To Matti, being selected for this award means that she has been a positive influence to her school and others around her. “I am very proud to have been chosen for this. It’s not often that your ambitions and positive outlook on things are recognized,” said Matti. As a part of being selected, you have to give a quick speech. Matti has had a lot of success her senior year, for example, for her senior project she organized a basketball tournament with students with special needs from all over Floyd County. The tournament took place at Armuchee High School during the school day and students from Elementary, Middle, and High Schools came to play. For Matti, she plans to write a few points down and speak from the heart. “I do plan to mention my success with my senior project,” said Matti. Mrs. Hellriegel, who is someone that Matti looks up to, said, “Matti is a great student with a servant’s heart. She continues to excel in every aspect at AHS. She will be very missed next year.” When Mrs. Hellriegel was asked to describe Matti in one word, she chose phenomenal. Matti displays a phenomenal attitude, work-ethic, and sportsmanship to those around her. 

 Staying positive is challenging during times, but the one thing that motivates Matti to keep pushing and to stay positive, is her younger sister Ally. “My sister is a freshman this year, and the freshman class is already looking up to the seniors. I want Ally to have a good example of how having a good attitude can get you better results in not only school, but also athletics,” said Matti. Since her sister is a freshman this year, Matti gave a little advice to the class of 2024, which can apply to any grade. Matti said, “One big piece of advice I would give to freshmen is to be nice to teachers. I know that seems hard sometimes, but they only wish the best for us. They spend countless hours making sure we are prepared for the next step. Teachers deserve all the respect and appreciation we can give!” Matti is a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church and also attends YoungLife on Monday nights. She works at Aeropostale, and loves playing with her husky! After high school Matti plans on attending The University of Tennessee in the fall of 2020, she will be majoring in pre-law and later on she plans on getting her Juris Doctorate.