PBIS Helps AHS Succeed

Mrs. Flagello scans I.D to give a PBIS Tribe Click

Makenna Raiford, Staff writer

Over 50 students were rewarded with an ice-dream social on Wednesday, February 27th because of their participation in a new PBIS program at AHS. PBIS’ goal is to create a popular culture at AHS, rewarding students who show excellent behavior or improvement skills. An example of this would be if a student drops his/her things in the hallway, and another student stops to help, a teacher can scan their I.D badge and they will receive a PBIS Tribe Click. When receiving enough points you can purchase items from the school store, or individual teacher store. Mrs. Everett (Team leader), Mrs. Flagello, and Mrs. Wilson are the 3 of 17 team members that are working to make PBIS successful at AHS. Mrs. Everett had been exposed to PBIS at her previous school, which allowed her to be familiar with the outline of the program. “When Mr. Rhodarmer introduced the idea, there were a few teachers that started training last year to help jump start the whole program. During December of 2019, Mrs. Flagello, Mrs. Wilson, and myself attended a PBIS conference in Atlanta that really helped bring the idea full circle,” said Mrs. Everett. She stated that one of the biggest struggles was figuring out incentives, since the elementary and high schools are completely different, the PBIS team needed to find things that high schooler’s would enjoy.

 “We know we will have drawings at the end of each month for students who have displayed extraordinary character. We will also be having “Point Nights” at different after school activity events such as ballgames and concerts. If you attend these events, you will get a PBIS TRIBE Click,” said Mrs Everett. As far as earning points for the rewards, students can earn points from any teacher or staff member who sees them going above and trying their best. The individual teacher stores will have different things depending on the teacher and what they decided to put in. In Mrs. Dougherty’s store, she has stickers, pencils, lunch line passes and many more. In Mrs. Ratledge’s store, she will have a signed football by Kirby Smart. Teachers can give points to individual students, or the entire class. The efficiency of this, is rewarding students on the spot when they present good behavior. Senior, Allison Jackson said,“I can promote a positive behavior by listening when teachers are talking, and holding the door for others.”

“When we started training last school year, our committee came together and decided on the focus areas of our school in which we had the most discipline problems. We narrowed down our problem areas for negative behavior to the hallway, bathroom, and cafeteria/courtyard. We looked at different templates from other high schools and created our own that would fit our school well,” said Mrs. Everett. PBIS is unique to AHS because only a few high schools fully enforce the program. The PBIS committee at AHS is excited to move forward and promote positive behavior.