The Mountain Coast Network: The Voice of Armuchee

The Mountain Coast Network has become the new voice of the Armuchee football games, which are broadcasted on the Mountain Coast Network    website. The broadcasting network is co-owned by Mike Beavers and Kevin Strickland, and the individual who broadcasted the Armuchee games is Noah Syverson. Despite being the radio voice of the Tribe, the Mountain Coast Network did not cover every game; instead, they broadcasted every away game. Despite this fact, they hope to expand coverage of Armuchee sports in the coming year.

Beavers and Strickland had wanted to start a broadcasting business, both having a background in communication from their time at Jacksonville State University. “We’ve always had a love for broadcasting. He likes to be on the air, I like to be behind the scenes and do the production part of it. So we thought we’d give it a shot and create our own broadcasting company,” said Strickland. Though within the coming years, the network hopes to expand into Bartow County and would like to cover more colleges as well. As of this past season, Beavers’s and Strickland’s current goals are to see their business grow and serve as many schools as they possibly can. The Mountain Coast Network currently covers the football games of Armuchee High School, Shorter College, Model High School, Adairsville High School, and Coosa High School.  Ultimately, they would like to give more recognition to schools and athletes who haven’t had their games broadcast before. Other goals of the company lie in the ability to cover a wider variety of sports. To move forward with this plan, Strickland and Beavers are working towards coverage of basketball games in the upcoming season. 

The greatest challenge the Mountain Coast Network has faced so far is finding sponsors for their business. The network broadcast online, rather than broadcasting by traditional means via a radio signal. As such, these circumstances can be off-putting to possible sponsors of the business. However, this task has become manageable with time, “So once we explain what we’re doing, and that audio streaming is the future of broadcasting. Then we show them what we’re doing and the schools who are on board. It’s getting easier to find sponsors,” said Strickland. One challenge facing the network is securing quality talents to handle commentary on the game. Currently, the company plans to cover Armuchee games next year. As the business grows, Strickland feels as though they’ll garner more support from the community, which will allow them to continue covering the Armuchee games.