October Noon Optimist, Maddy Judd.


Shelby Green, Staff Writer

            The Noon Optimist is a person selected from Rome and Floyd County Schools that has shown success in academics, leadership skills, and contribution to the community. Each month a new student is chosen to represent the award. The Noon Optimist for the month of October was Maddy Judd. Maddy was selected from seniors at Armuchee High School. This club shows the students’ hard work in the community and how it pays off. 

      To Maddy, this award means that the people around her acknowledge her hard work. She said, “This award means that the teachers are proud of who I have become, and they support me.”

     After winning this award, Maddy attended a luncheon and presented a speech. Her speech was all about leaving her mark. One way she is leaving a mark on the school is by organizing the Tribe and Brew coffee shop. Maddy said, “It’s important to me to leave a mark on the school. I want to leave knowing I had good relationships.” Sometimes staying positive can be difficult. What motivates Maddy to stay positive is keeping her sanity through all of her hard classes? She is inspired by her friends and classmates to stay positive even in hard times.