Olivia Crumbley Places 3rd in Miss Rome


Addie Young, Staff Writer

On Saturday night, August 17 at the Rome City Auditorium the 2019 Miss Rome pageant was held where Olivia Crumbly, a senior at Armuchee, competed and placed third. Olivia had never competed in a pageant before until the Miss Rome Her mom had convinced her to compete, so she could have more experiences for her last year of high school. Her mom had initially told her she should compete for Miss Armuchee, but that had already passed so she thought why not compete for Miss Rome because her sister had already done Miss Rome and she had won, too.

Olivia wrote a speech for her talent portion of the pageant her speech was about hope to stand up and find your voice. Olivia’s mom works for an organization  that works for the to help young women who have survived sex trafficking. Through the organization, they earn their GED´S, counseling and other services. Olivia is exposed to issues like that a lot and she is very passionate about it. A lot of people don’t realize the problems, and if she can tie that in with pageantry it would help raise awareness.

Olivia said,”My favorite part of the pageant was getting dressed up in my red dress and earrings and necklace and looking elegant and glamorous. I loved it.¨ The preparation wasn’t hard, but it was expensive. “I had  heard that it was expensive, but I didn’t realize how expensive.” Even though they tried to be as cheap as possible, they still spent almost $1,000.

Olivia also said, ̈If you don’t have a pageant coach to actually coach you, I suggest watching tons and tons of videos online.¨She watched videos from people like Dani Walker who was Miss Montana USA and even though the USA and America systems are completely different systems, it still helped her to prepare for her pageant in the most confident ways. For example, she learned how to be poised from YouTube.

With everything you do there are obstacles with it. Some of the obstacles that Olivia had to face were the  financial things. She is comfortable with public speaking, she loves dressing up, getting her hair and nails done. She felt nervous about the fact that everyone would know she was doing the pageant.

The judges were asking everyone questions and they were about their talent, but when they got to Olivia they asked her if she agreed with celebrities advocating for Shatoya Brown’s release and Olivia completely agreed because the girl killed her trafficker. Olivia said it was a case of survival, and it’s not ethical to compare it to any other circumstances.

Olivia said that the girls at the pageant were friendly. They had been doing pageants for years and it’s not like the pageants you see on TV.