Meet the Tribe-An Armuchee Tradition Continues


Addison young, Staff Writer

On August 3, 2019 Meet the Tribe was held at the Armuchee High School football field. Ten of the athletic teams were recognized: Cross Country, Volleyball, Softball, Spirit Cheer, Competition Cheer, Youth Football, Armuchee Middle School Cheer, Armuchee Middle School Football, High School Band, and Varsity Football. Barbecue plates and Boston butts were sold feeding almost  600 people. With 8 smokers and 25 volunteers, Meet the Tribe was very helpful with our fundraising goal for the football team. Coach Green said, “Meet the Tribe was a great way to meet the Armuchee Community to get to know our fall athletes and performers. It was also a great way to increase school spirit and pride.”

Kayla LeCroy, who attended, said that her favorite part about Meet the Tribe is that it helps the community get together. “Meet the Tribe is different from other school activities because they show off all the sports and there isn’t a competition between them.” Everyone cheering everyone on and not having the competitiveness constantly pressuring them creates an environment of celebration.

Delaney Steen, sophomore, believes the event brings the community together. “Meet the Tribe gives everyone a chance to socialize without a specific goal; it’s a chance to not only meet the teams representing the school and the community but to gain trust and personal relationships with those teams.” Delaney believes Armuchee is such a great community because everyone knows or wants to get to know everyone. “It’s one giant family that loves each other even though they may not all be close friends.” Delaney also acknowledged that Meet the Tribe is a good way to recognize the teams that don’t always get recognized. Delaney was even recognized at Meet the Tribe for playing varsity softball. The middle and high school football teams, as well as the other will benefit from Meet the Tribe knowing there is an entire community supporting them.