AHS Gets Fresh Changes

AHS Gets Fresh Changes

Makenna Raiford, Staff writer

With the new 2019-2020 school year, there  are many exciting changes to our school. One of the biggest changes is half days, which are at the end of almost every month. Many students feel like it will give them a little time to relax while still being productive. Morgan Rogers, senior, said, “It’ll give students some rest during the week, but it also won’t feel like a half day because teachers will assign us work on our Chromebooks.” If students finish all of their assigned work for the day, they now have time to babysit, pick up extra shifts, or help out family members or friends. Ally O’Neal, junior, said, “I will most likely be going to my mom’s work at the hair salon and helping her out. I may also get to babysit and make money during those days.”

Along with half days, Armuchee High School now has a forensic science class on campus taught by Mrs. Flagello. Mercedes McLaughlin, junior, said, “I personally love this class. I think it is so much fun because I am really interested in this type of stuff and science in general.” Forensics is a subject that interests most high school students. “I think students will be very involved because this is a very hands-on fun class. It’s my favorite part of the day,”  said Mercedes. Mrs. Flagello’s students can look forward to doing many hands-on activities to engage their learning process. A few activities Mrs. Flagello’s forensics students have done include: evidence observation on a t-shirt, card memorization game, solving a murder with clues strategy lab, and a searching for evidence card lab. 

There is now a new addition to Armuchee High School’s cafeteria. Tribe & Brew, a coffee shop idea that was championed by senior, Maddy Judd, was up and running on August 23rd. Maddy Judd, senior, was in Coach Arp’s 2018 Entrepreneurship class when the idea sparked. “ The coffee shop was an idea I had around Christmas time last year, and I thought I’d muster up the courage to ask Mr. Rhodarmer how he felt, and he loved the idea. I’m looking forward to getting to know more of the students at our school by serving them coffee daily,” said Maddy. The coffee shop serves hot coffee, cold coffee and hot chocolate.

Along with the changes, we now have our school ID on lanyards to wear each day. Kennedi Alldredge, junior, said, “It is easy to identify who is a part of our school and know people’s names.” With getting a school ID, there are rules. You must wear your Armuchee lanyard until told otherwise, and you have to have your ID around your neck so it is visible. If you don’t have your I.D, there will be a consequence. Madison Burton, junior, said, “I think IDs can be handy.” The ID’s are a precaution meant to keep the students of Armuchee High School as safe as possible.

The new AHS coffee shop is now open for business!
Junior, Madison Burton, shows off her new school I.D.
A hand carved statue will be on display in Armuchee’s new gym.