Interesting Hobbies

Brianne Carver, Extra-Extra Editor

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Junior, Naomi Meyers, plays the violin in her free time. Meyers plays every day at home and with the band here at school. She has been playing the violin for six years. In this picture, she is playing her great-grandfather’s violin.

When sophomore Emily Bradshaw is not doing homework or hanging out with friends, she is playing her ukulele. She plays every day. In this photo, Bradshaw is playing her ukulele, which she got for Christmas.

Shiloh St. Clair, junior, writes, performs drama, plays piano, and takes vocal lessons as hobbies. She was recently in a play called My Fair Lady. In this picture, she is acting out one of the scenes with a fellow actor.

Story Hubbard, junior,  dances in her free time. She does ballet and contemporary. Hubbard enjoys dance for fun and participates three times a week. In the photo above, she is about to perform in the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.