Key Club Helps to Bring Brighter Birthdays


A group of Key Club members stops working for a moment to pose for a photo before resuming putting the bags together. At this table they will pack sun glasses, crayons, and all other manner of fun items into the bag.

Recently, the Armuchee High School Key Club partnered with Brighter Birthdays for their first service project of the school year. Brighter Birthdays is a non-profit organization founded by Cristin Warden. The task of the Brighter Birthday organization is to give gift bags to underprivileged children on their birthdays. Their goal is to bring a glimmer of happiness to those children on their birthdays, so they can celebrate even if they can’t afford it.

The task given to the Key Club members was to donate small items, such as party hats, party horns, Playdough, candy, and toys. The club members donated items for two weeks during October.

On Wednesday, October seventeenth, Key Club members gathered to pack one hundred bags for the Brighter Birthdays project. Set up in the format of an assembly line, each member had a different task to aid the process. “We had stuff ready at each of the tables, and someone would put one item in the bag and then pass it to the next person,” said Manpreet Kaur, vice president of Key Club. After packing the bags, the feeling of, ‘we’ve done something to make someone’s day better’ seemed to be on several people’s minds. “It made you feel like you were doing something to help the world,” said Naomi Meyer, a first-year member of Key Club.

The members who helped to pack the bags seemed to be proud of what they had done. They enjoyed partnering with the Brighter Birthdays, and several feel as though they made a difference in the world or at least in one child’s day. It seemed that many felt the bags would brighten up the child’s special day. They would enjoy participating in this project again.